Ensuring that your team is equipped with the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an important step to mitigating risk and protecting them in the workplace. However a fundamental component in achieving protection from dangers onsite is knowledge.

From the EHS and Quality leads understanding truly the nature of risk on their site, to the end-user being aware of and trained in the functionality and maintenance of their own PPE, knowledge and awareness around onsite risks is truly core to guaranteeing safety onsite and compliance with PPE regulations.

To educate yourself and your team on all elements of risk and the associated safety measures for your particular site, it is recommended that you partner with a proven and trusted safety solutions company. Here, a technical expert will be in a position to advise on your site alone and make informed recommendations on what is required to ensure your team is adequately protected and compliant.

JBS Group provides the following services to our customers, in order to ensure all elements of safety onsite are understood and correctly addressed:


1. Consultancy and Subject Matter Experts: Specialist Services for Site Safety, Regulation and Product

JBS Group provides a range of specialist Health and Safety services. Our team has a wealth of sector-specific experience covering all elements of Health and Safety and risk mitigation. From planned maintenance and occupational hygiene to respiratory equipment training and repair, the Specialists and Subject Matter Experts within the JBS team have the expertise to fulfil your health and safety needs.

Safety Consultants from the JBS team partner with our customers to provide one-to-one safety advice, specifically for their businesses. These are Health and Safety professionals who specialise in assisting sites to grow their knowledge, achieve training objectives and compliance across the site and the teams in questions.

Experienced safety, health and environmental advisors from JBS Group are available to offer clear, pragmatic and effective advice, making your business a safer and more compliant place to work.


2. Training and Education

As well as the best in class PPE available from JBS Group, your team also need the knowledge behind the products and behind the risks from which they are being protected. JBS Group prides itself on having a direct and uncomplicated approach to Health & Safety at work. It is vital to impress upon people the simplicity of taking care in the workplace and how potentially lethal accidents occur during the most average of days, when we become complacent.

To achieve this, we have always used real-life, practical resources, examples and language to educate end-users in the risks to which they are exposed, and the steps they need to take to ensure they stay safe at work. To this end, JBS Group provides a range of key Health and Safety training courses in order to assist companies in compliance and practical health & safety matters.

To learn more about these services, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know your needs. Email us here or call us +353 47 76500.