For many years, JBS Group has been delivering workwear uniforms to companies of all sizes throughout Ireland and the UK.

We have seen that for companies with teams that are over a certain size, navigating the workload involved in clothing large groups can be a challenge that ultimately drives up the cost of the project through lost hours of the those in charge, ineffective internal communications to clarify orders and, following delivery, more loss of time as multiple items within a uniform pack must be distributed to the relevant team member. In order to remove this pain from customers, JBS Group developed a Fitting & Manpack service in which all of our clothing teams are trained.


unrivalled experience … managing large workwear clothing orders

Our teams have built up unrivalled experience in serving the needs of those managing large workwear clothing orders, and they provide these contacts with large-scale fitting services and a manpack process that is personalised for their team’s needs.

Fitting: There are 50+ fitters on the JBS Group clothing team. This reflects the scale of clothing orders that we manage on a day-to-day basis, and enables us to continue to achieve our #1 core company value: To be a fully customer-centric organisation. Scaling, training and resourcing our team is just one of the ways that JBS Group designs our organisation around our customer’s needs. The clothing team completes orders in the shortest amount of time possible, while ensuring the highest levels of quality and accuracy throughout the process of ordering, embroidery and manpacking.


Get Accurate Workwear Sizes (without leaving your site!)

Mobile Fitting Service: In addition to our traditional fitting and manpacking service, JBS Group wanted to further reduce the time and cost investment required from customers to complete their company workwear projects. We identified the fitting process as one which is a huge drain on time and energy as the Project Lead needs feedback from each team member before an order can proceed.

Rather than this process taking weeks, JBS Group can now facilitate a far shorter time scale, as we can bring our purpose built, 45ft Mobile Fitting & Distribution Facility directly to the customer site. This literally brings the store to you – enabling any number of people on your team to access a retail experience without leaving site. Equipped with changing rooms, seating and air conditioning, this facility means a far shorter lead time on feedback from the end user on their product preference and sizing and also removes the need for the Project Lead to circulate and follow up on samples internally.

If you wish to learn more about the Fitting service offered by JBS Group, do not hesitate to get in touch by clicking to email us here.


Online Ordering for Efficiency, Tracking and Reporting

The ordering itself is now an online process via a customer portal provided by JBS. Uniform requirements, personal sizes and detail for embroidery can all be recorded in a central location, which tracks spend and can also be used as a reference point to cross-check orders on delivery.


Personal Personalised Pack Service

Removing the Pain from Distribution of Team Workwear: Personal Manpack Service

The final step in the process of ordering personalised workwear and uniforms is typically that of distribution. To save you hours in identifying and labelling stock for the relevant colleague, JBS Group completes this process for you.

The man-pack service sees all garments, plus any additional footwear and accessories, packed into individual bundles and labelled for the end-user employee. Consignments can even be fully labelled and sent directly to the individual wearer or department in a single parcel, so even time spent distributing bundles onsite can be saved, if required.

Do you need to re-order or change workwear for your team?

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