Does your workplace use a large amount of PPE – greater than the amount forecast for your headcount? Is it clear where the leakage occurs? The answer could be a PPE vending machine.

JBS Group supplies managed PPE Vending programmes to many of our larger customers. This is particularly beneficial where plants are operating production shifts and do not have stores which are staffed at all times.

The benefits of PPE machines are centred around safety, efficiency of product and cost and control as workers can access PPE on demand, staying safe without needing to distract a manager and the dispenser tracks items requested, allowing for understanding of usage and users.


24/7 availability of ppe with vending machines

A PPE vending machine also better manages inventory. All elements of PPE can be stocked in a PPE vending machine, including glasses, gloves, coveralls, sleeves, mob caps, shoe covers, hearing protection and even hard hats and respirators. These PPE vending machines are custom-designed for larger items, with key card access and some with Internet connections.

Key benefits of PPE automated vending include:
✔24 / 7 Product Availability
✔Reduction consumption by 25-60%
✔ Automatic Re-ordering & Stock Control
✔ Lower inventory costs and increase capital
✔ Optimise inventory based on usage
✔ Control product access & usage
✔ Minimize out of stock and downtime
✔ Complete User Accountability
✔ Complete rework cycle
✔ Full Audit Trail of items issued
✔ Point of Use Availability
✔ Easy to Use

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