When ordering PPE (meaning Personal Protective Equipment), in order to ensure compliance with PPE regulations, the best process is to make contact with a provider of safety solutions. Leverage their experience and expertise to find the best products and pricing available to suit the needs of your team, based on the risks and dangers they are exposed to in their jobs.

When a level of knowledge has been established around your site requirements and the products that are available to meet these needs, ordering compliant PPE from a proven and trusted supplier is the next step to protecting your team. JBS can advise you on the best products from multiple leading brands and supply samples and sizing charts to assist you in placing your order.

Whether workwear or PPE, you first need to know you are ordering the correct product, next you need a process that enables you to manage what is being ordered, understand the spend and easily re-order when your team grows


Ordering of PPE and Workwear Made Easy

To streamline and make this process as straightforward and helpful as possible for our customers, JBS Group offers online ordering. New customers can shop online to see what is in our dedicated safety shop while existing customers can benefit from their own dedicated online portal.

Managed by JBS Group, this secure portal is branded with the customer’s logo and lists products that have been pre-selected, so those with access can select from an assigned list of PPE and workwear items. In addition, all orders placed through the platform form part of the usage and spend reporting available to Team Leads, so full transparency and traceability is only a click away.

This platform, built and managed by JBS Group is called Securex. Your customised portal and the data held within is entirely secure and accessed only by the relevant members of the JBS team and your nominated team members.

Innovation is a key element of the motivation within JBS Group and in this space, our inhouse team of web developers are constantly working to further develop the JBS customer portals, websites and ecommerce facilities to further support our customers in their day-to-day tasks.

So far, we have achieved customised sites that can be accessed with individual access rights, to order dedicated stock for delivery, automated invoicing, spend and usage reporting and on top of this, the platforms are all available on multiple devices (Apple and android phones and tablets) in any wifi connected location around the globe.

To learn more about setting up a PPE and Workwear online portal dedicated to your team and company, get in touch here.