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For 20 years, JBS Group has been supplying personalised logo workwear and workwear uniforms across multiple market sectors.

Work uniforms from JBS Group are supplied both from stock and as part of custom contracts, based on client requirements. Inhouse, the JBS Group has extensive experience in design, manufacture, logistics, branding and full account management ensuring a seamless experience while securing the best work clothes for your team. Our bespoke uniform design service delivers innovative solutions for both corporate clothing and workwear alike, ensuring that your brand is presented perfectly everytime.

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When it comes to workwear and staff uniforms, comfort is key. Your team should feel empowered to perform their role to the best of their abilities, and be proud to do so while wearing company branded clothing. For this reason, JBS Group prioritises brands and manufacturers that can provide suitable and comfortable workwear and uniforms for women and men alike.

Be it a mens work jacket, high vis workwear or the availability of womens work clothes online, JBS Group has tailored its service to ensure employees can comply with the company dress code, manage their own ordering as required by the company and, most importantly, focus on the tasks at hand, safe in the knowledge that their uniforms are fit for purpose.

24/7 online ordering

Easy Ordering of Workwear Uniforms Online

JBS Group offers clients a bespoke online uniform ordering system that enables employees to view and order their uniform items at any time day or night while management has total control over budgets and allocations.

To learn more about the clients for whom JBS provides a workwear uniform service and the types of smart workwear options that we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch click here.

ppe for food production… uniforms and workwear for hospitality….
JBS can advise and supply

Food Industry Workwear

The food industry is a heavy user of personal protective equipment (PPE), in order to safeguard the health and physical integrity of its workers.

From food preparation and food manufacturing to food safety, multiple people come into contact with food items throughout the supply chain. Product contamination not only has a major impact on food quality, shelf life and potentially the end user, it is also of consequence to both brand reputation and organisational costs.

In this process, the person and the product should be protected from any risk of injury or contamination.

Within the food industry, JBS Group most commonly supplies hand protection, advising on and providing products that match the site requirements for grip, tear resistancy and comfort.

JBS Group is highly experienced in supplying PPE, personalised workwear, work uniforms and cleaning products to the Food & Beverage industries. Our experience extends from the manufacturing through to the hospitality side of the industry, and on to the licensed trade and restaurants with a range of national, international and boutique customers.

For restaurateurs, as well as food grade PPE JBS Group provides uniform solutions for every requirement, be it a two or five star venue, and covering roles from front-of-house to the kitchen team.

Distinctive uniforms can enhance the customer experience in any tourist or leisure facility. JBS can also supply and embellish a full range of uniforms to meet the needs of those in the health, retail health and nursery sectors.

JBS Group also supplies a full range of disposable clothing and ppe items from coveralls to safety gloves, safety glasses etc.

To learn more about JBS Group’s experience in serving PPE and workwear solutions to the Food & Beverage industry, contact us or shop online here.