Manufacturing Companies & JBS Group

The modern manufacturing industry is defined by automation, moving goods, efficiency and most importantly, people and product. In order to manage risk at work and to keep people safe, there are multiple EN regulations in place with which business owners and managers must be compliant.

In order to guarantee their safety, the worker also has a role to play.

PPE must be worn properly and the best ways to achieve this are by: 1) Training your team in why they need PPE and what function is performed by each piece in their kit, and 2) Providing the best work clothes available from leading brands who specialise in creating personalised workwear.

invest in safety… increased productivity…. fewer injuries….

Safety affects employee health, employers’ profits, the public’s health costs and the global economy. Manufacturing companies that invest in the safety of their employees see improved morale, increased productivity, lower costs and, most importantly, fewer injuries. JBS Group partners with leading manufacturing companies to understand their unique, industry-specific needs and then customises solutions that comprise PPE, workwear, Health and Safety training, fire safety equipment, confined space training, fall from height training, chemical safety equipment and services such as onsite gas detection, Vendor Managed Inventory and an online portal to manage ordering, spend, usage, cost-saving and reporting.

….ppe vending… 24/7 availability of products…. reduce consumption…

PPE Vending Programmes for the Manufacturing Industry

JBS Group supplies managed PPE Vending Programmes for a number of large clients in manufacturing industry.  The programmes are of particular benefit to plants where the operators work production shifts that are outside of the regular working hours, when stores may not be staffed.

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory Management is the process of controlling and managing stock requirements to support and maintain production output whilst applying effective and efficient cost controls.

By providing Inventory Management Solutions to control your stock, JBS Group can partner with a client site to add value through increased efficiencies, a reduction in waste, clear data and reporting on usage of stock and inventory levels.

To learn more about JBS Group’s safety and VMI solutions for the manufacturing industry contact us and, for PPE and workwear shop online here.