Manufacturing Companies & JBS Group

With risks in nearly every industry, some sectors must provide personal protective equipment for employees. Whether it’s protection from harsh processes, or preventing injury – PPE is essential for safety in every industry. All employees need to be educated on how to use PPE, and all gear should fit well and be comfortable, which encourages employees to make use of it. All PPE should be tested before implemented across an organisation.

Safety matters to all industries – it affects employees health, employers profits, the public’s health costs and the global economy. Employers who invest in the safety of their employees see improved morale, increased productivity, lower costs and, most importantly, fewer injuries. We understand their customer’s unique, industry-specific needs then customises a solution such as product assortment and product education to meet the ever-changing demands.

We currently supply managed PPE Vending programs some of our larger customers. This is particularly beneficial where plants are operating production shifts and do not have stores which are staffed for all shifts. Contact us for more details on how this solution could benefit your company.