Energy Companies & JBS group

Our branches are located alongside some of the largest Energy Companies in the UK. From these locations we are able to offer top quality standards of service and are able to distribute products internationally.

JBS and its associated companies have been supplying these industries for over a decade and has grown to be a highly respected supplier and provider of quality products, renowned for it’s ability and willingness to respond to the needs and expectations of it’s clients.

We are committed to protecting men and women exposed to risks in all types of industries and work environments. It is this commitment that drives us to offer our clients high quality equipment to meet the wide variety of worker’s safety needs combining leading technology, comfort and ergonomic design. JBS offers the most complete range of personal protective equipment and safety supplies from International leading brands.

Throughout our history, we have proven our belief in loyalty to clients and the advantage in the field is that health and safety problems are discussed and assistance is given in deciding the service or product necessary to meet the specific hazard or production requirements.